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Starting from a big dream so that we can become full time parents at home, KERJADIRUMAHAJA was created as a spirit to invite everyone around us to have more valuable time for family. 

Who would have thought, 5 years have passed now everyone in the world is doing it during the current Covid19 pandemic. No one ever thought that nowadays we can work full time at home close to our children, leaving fatigue and stress on the road when going to and from work, routine at work. An experience like never before, where our productivity increases even though we are away from the office. 

Time is very precious, where during difficult times during this pandemic we can always be close to our family, the people we love and care about. Monitor the health and development of our children at all times, educate and guide them intensively. It's a priceless experience. It all starts with a big dream and anyone who dares to dream will someday get what they aspire to. If we can do it, you can do it too, for our children and families.

Get ready to make money @home !

Its very simple step to start, just using what you have on your hands

Worldwide is known over the globe. Starting idea and run the business from our homeland Indonesia.
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Get more productive during this pandemic

Covid19 pandemic is still here around us and we don't know when it will ended up. Let's dont stop to get productive and active!

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